Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Catholic Book Reviews - Christmas Edition and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

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For Saint Nicholas Day, all of my children received pajamas and a book, and a few of those books happened to be from Sophia Institute that I would like to tell you about.  So if you're looking for some Christmas gifts, I highly recommend the following...


This story is very cute for the children, and deep for the adult reading to them :)  I found myself really empathizing with the seed who is afraid to get taken out of the seed drawer and be planted in the yard.  It's hard to leave the comforts of life and step out in faith, not knowing what will happen.  In the seed's case, he becomes a beautiful tree that bears fruit and provides a fun place for families to play on and around.  What might it mean in our own life?  The book is inspiring to step up and face fears, and trust that God has a plan for our lives.  Plus, the book rhymes (my favorite kind of book) and the illustrations are beautiful.


We all know this story...but this version rhymes!  Have I mentioned before that I love a good rhyming story?  I have?  Sorry, not sorry!  (See, another rhyme)  This book captures the whole story of Christmas, beginning with the  Incarnation, travelling to Bethlehem, the birth, and the discovery of our King.   The illustrations by Frank Fraser are GORGEOUS!  His perspectives are unusual and realistic, I particularly loved the illustrations of Mary, with her belly aglow with Our Lord.  Even Baby Jesus is drawn with a joyful playfulness.   If you are just starting your family, this book is a must have for the kids to learn about the true reason for the season.  You will read it again and again, year after year.


Did you all know that my husband loooooves Peter Kreeft?  He reads everything the man writes, and we've gone to his talks, and he quotes him all the time in his theology classes.  We have a ton (all?) of his books, and this is his newest addition.  It's full of all the most common questions Peter Kreeft has been asked, and his answers do not disappoint!  I have gotten into the habit of taking it to our Adoration hour and just reading a few snippets here and there.  He has a great sense of humor, and is very easy to understand.  Here's some of my favorite excerpts:


On bended knee.


"If you can imagine it, it's not Heaven." - I've used that line as an answer to my kid's questions about heaven, it's so simple yet deep!

OK, I could keep going with a hundred excerpts, but I think that's a (Christmas) wrap.  Now here's another rap:

Yo yo, I hoped you like my book reviews,
I only recommend ones I think you'll use.
So don't hate the reader, just join me instead,
And get this good knowledge up in yo' head.
If you enter my giveaway on Instagram,
You just might win these books for yo'self.  BAM!

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  1. Silly Colleen. You crack me up. :) I am going to use that - "If you can imagine it, it's not Heaven." Love that. And I'm going to get The First Christmas for my 5 year old grandson.


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