Friday, November 5, 2021

7QT: A New Field, A New Cemetery, A New Show, and A New Addiction

Happy Friday!  The weather has been glorious lately, sunny and in the 50s...just perfect!  Linking up with Kelly for the last time :(


Andrew had his first playoff game last night and it was the first home game played all season!  His high school built a turf field and (of course) it took longer than expected, so all fall athletes can just now start using it in post season games.  It sure does look nice though!  Amazing what a few million dollars can do.

There's Andrew walking towards the 35 yard line...

And a closeup of him playing in a different game :)

They won 8 to 2 last night so the soccer season continues!


Maggie, Declan and Brendan all have their last soccer games tomorrow morning!  Maggie has started CYO basketball practices, and her volleyball clinic begins in a few weeks.  Andrew and Eamon and Declan start basketball at the end of November and I am here for it all.  Watching basketball and volleyball games is soooooo much better than watching soccer games :)  

Indoors and quick and high-scoring!  I don't know how you baseball moms survive ;)


On All Souls Day, we took the kids who were home for a rosary walk in a cemetery on our street.  Phil and I just discovered it recently and it is HUGE and GORGEOUS and we wondered why we never walked there before when WE'VE LIVED HERE FOR 17 YEARS AND WE WALK MILES AND MILES EVERY DAY!  We think we would like to be buried here if there are still plots available.

We always look to find the oldest person, and so far Ebenezer P. Church is the winner.  Born in 1796 and what a perfect name for that time period.


I still walk the cemetery next to my work at lunch each day, but have strolled out to the surrounding areas as well.  New England is just so beautiful in the fall.

I saw a deer yesterday!!

He was just staring at my headlights and I was just staring at a huge animal right in front of me:

And then we both ran off.

I love nature but it also terrifies me.


I was talking to my Kindergartner about how we will be "falling back" one hour this weekend, and he didn't understand.  I tried to explain that we switched the clocks back one hour so that it would be lighter in the mornings and darker in the afternoons, and he still said "I don't get it".  Honestly buddy, neither do I.  This article makes some good points about getting rid of Daylight Savings Time all together.


Phil and I just watched the whole first season of Only Murders in the Building and it was so so good!!!

A few too many curse words for my virgin ears...

...but wow Steve Martin and Martin Short are always so magical together!

I highly recommend this comedy mystery.


One of my sisters just introduced me to Robinhood where you can invest in portions of stocks and play with money that won't break the bank.  I'm addicted!  I am a proud owner of .0002% of some stocks - ha!  

It's been so fun to see my little baby stocks gain a few cents each day.  If anyone has any good tips on what stocks to buy, hit me up :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend relaxing, investing, and discovering new places to walk and pray!


  1. Soccer is wrapping up for us and I am HAPPY!!!! Ready for a break of only swim practice!

  2. If you and Phil really want ti be buried there, I would suggest going ahead and purchasing a plot.When we buried Rebecca, we were lucky enough that there were still unpurchased plots at our small church cemetery. We went ahead and purchased the adjoining plot for ourselves. All the plots are currently sold and now people are bring sent to the nondenominational cemetery down the road. We'll, not completely nondenominational because our church purchased a section of it and the Bishop came and blessed it. Anyway, that's just my two cents.

  3. I want to watch Only Murdersin the Building and Ted Lasso but dang - all on Hulu. We already get Netflix and Prime and YouTube TV. Does anyone else remember when there was just TV?

    Love that you discovered a new place to walk.

    Coach did not grow up playing baseball and my brothers did. So of course I signed our boys up, but I soon started to agree with Coach . . . those games drag on and sometimes it gets too chilly or crazy hot. Oh, how we loved water polo. Quick. Action packed. Indoors.

  4. I'm going to try to keep SQT going on my blog this week. I'd love it if you made a contribution with more of your great photos!

  5. I really am hosting SQT this week - just before the new year. I hope you'll join us.

  6. Some reccomendations I have are SPGYF and UG :)


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