Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Free Gabb Phones!!

 Gabb Phones are giving away 2500 free phones today!  

This is the same phone we bought for Maggie as it keeps her safe, with the ability to text and call and take photos but does not have the app store or internet.  It's the perfect first phone, and we are all still so happy with it.  Use this link to get your free phone, and when those run out, you can still get a phone or watch for only $49! 

2,500 FREE Phone
Giveaway on NOV 3

  • 10 AM to Noon MDT – Single Parents
  • Noon MT – All Parents (Until Gone)
50% Off Sale starts after giveaway. Use referral code MARTIN for sale.


  1. Good to know there is this alternative for kids. None of my grandkids are old enough for phones yet, but when they are, these seem like a great option.

  2. Hmm. A woman wants Curly to babysit but doesn't have a landline and she isn't sure how Curly can get in touch with 911, etc. I hadn't heard of this as an option. In our family kids don't usually get a phone till high school. Reg was the exception because his friends were leaving him out. Ugh. Covid hit shortly after he got his phone and we were actually glad so he could stay connected to friends while we were isolated.


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