Friday, February 4, 2022

Week in Review: Future Artist, Current Crisis, and Past Meals

Guys.  My baby is a masterful artist.  Just look at the mask he colored for Chinese New Year's:

As well as what he called "Pentatonix" Phil:

And finally, this drawing of Martin Luther King he created:

The attention to detail!  The coloring skills! He's only 5 years old!

(Tell me I have a future artist on my hands and I'm not a completely biased mom, as my husband says I am).


It has been Catholic School's Week around here and crazy hair day was the highlight for my K-8 kiddos:

Declan (7) wants to wear his hair in a mohawk every day now.  Thank goodness I can blame Catholic school rules when I tell him "absolutely not".


This week I had to take a three day course about Public Contracting.  It was boring as all get out.  Maybe it's a mid-life crisis, but I'm totally questioning my career choice.  I even googled "are accountants happy?" and this is what I got back:

Sounds about right.

If only I could get paid to stay home to run my household and raise my kids.


Phil's not allowed to buy me Valentine flowers (because his wife is difficult), so he bought me February flowers instead.  He's a keeper :)


Go Commies?!?!?!


2/2/22 is a cool date, and Declan's 2nd grade class celebrated with cute hats...but 2/22/22 will actually fall on a Tuesday!


Dinners this week:

Sunday - Pulled pork (I just put a pork shoulder + can of root beer + spices in the crockpot for like 12 hours) on hawaiian rolls with fries and pineapple

Monday - Leftover Pulled pork turned into tacos for kids and GF Enchilada Casserole (made with corn tortillas) for adults

Tuesday - Korean Beef Bowl with coconut rice + green beans
(I tried to convince kids it was Chinese food for Chinese New Year's but they told me Korea was not China.  Stinks to have smart kids.)

Wednesday - Pasta with (not homemade) meatballs

Thursday - Burgers with Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad

That's a weekly wrap!  Hope you all have a nice non-football watching weekend, and stay safe in the freezing rain storm if you're a local!


  1. He is definitely a talented artist! The little tie on MLK is adorable! The flowers are lovely

  2. I think especially for a 5-year-old boy he does a tremendous job. I love your flowers! (And the meal plan.)

    1. I just saw your artists' paintings - they are so good too!

  3. He is a a talented artist! I have a 5 year old and can definitely confirm your 5 year old is off the bell curve on skills!

    1. Thanks! Glad to know I'm not crazy ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, he is such a good artist! You’re not biased, Mom! :)

    1. Means a lot coming from you and your beautiful artwork!

  5. Have you ever seen the (musical version of the) Producers? With the rows of accountants singing "Unhappy, unhappy, very unhappy..."

    The artwork is great!

    1. No! But that is a well written song - ha!

  6. I agree, Brendan is showing some serious talent. I love the faces that he creates, so expressive. When my same named child was that age, he would mass produce drawings of Marvel characters. He was obsessed. They were very accurate. I remember crazy hair day during Catholic Schools Week. Cute pics.

    I begged Ed not to go into accounting, but alas. My dad is an accountant and was never happy while working. I am also rethinking my chosen career path. Sigh.

    1. I think the real problem is that I just don't want to work anymore. Like, I want the SAHM role I never had, but that's impossible sadly.

  7. That is sad about the accounting stats. I love being an accountant, although it can get a little boring. I am lucky because I have several clients so I don't get bogged down doing the same things day after day. And for now I only work part time so I enjoy my focused work time. We shall see how I feel when I work full time again.
    Maybe you should switch things up, perhaps you would enjoy being an accounting professor?

    1. So funny you say that Katie, because my friend (who now teaches at Franciscan) just asked me if I would be interested in becoming an adjunct professor, teaching online. Maybe this is a sign!

    2. I could totally see you being really good at this. You've got that caring and engaging personality, she says from a distance . . . but some things are clear, even online. ;)


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