Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Old Friend

An old friend has just resurfaced in my life.  This friend comes and goes through the years, and when he's around, he's the most faithful, supportive, and comforting guy I know.  In between his appearances, I forget about him completely, but as soon as he's back, I remember just how much I love him. 

Of course, Phil is completely, insanely jealous of this guy.  He feels that my friend gets in the way of our relationship.  I admit he does come between us at times, but I just sleep so much better when he's in my life.  Besides, it's really Phil's fault that I need to rely on my friend so much anyway:

 Can't you just sense his relaxing persona?  He makes me want to cuddle up to him right now, and I'm so not a cuddler.
Thanks for the support my faithful friend.  I'll be laying leaning on you for the next six months or so, and then it's back to the closet you go :)


  1. Oh My Gosh . . . . I use mine even when I am not pregnant! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my body pillow!

  2. Where do you get a pillow like that? I need one!

  3. That looks so comfortable! At first i thought you were serious, like it was actually another Hope you get great sleep right up until the baby comes!

  4. That pillow looks like it would bug my butt.

    If it works for you snuggle away!

    Looks like there is plenty of room for hubby to share.

  5. SNOOGLE!!!!! I LOVE my snoogle when I'm pregnant. When I'm not pregnant, I can't stand it. But we are lucky to have a king size bed so it fits!! Jason bought it for me for Valentine's day when I was pregnant with Leo. I might spoil myself next pregnancy with a fancy pillow cover for it :)

    I also vote for some pictures of your baby belly!!!


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