Monday, January 10, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...

...cold winds.  We are hoping for a Nor'easter on Tues night.  I say hoping because we both work at schools that may close.  Yay!!

I am thinking...

...about the interview I saw of the parents of the nine-year-old girl who was killed in Tucson on Saturday.  That whole tragedy is so sad, but the parents gave an interview the day after their daughter died, and were so calm and emotionless.  I only hope they were heavily sedated because there's no way you would find me on tv the day after one of my children were killed.

I am thankful for... more nausea these past few days!  I feel normal again :) I am eating better and exercising again.  Ah, God is good!

From the kitchen...

...Tonight will be homemade tomato soup and garlic bread, not very healthy but definitely yummy!

I am wearing...

...Gray Maternity pants and a black sweater. People are noticing the baby bump now.

I am creating...

...a baby.  A boy I'm thinking.

I am going... start working soon.  Blech!

I am reading...

...Motherless for a review that hopefully will be coming soon.  It's very good, I just can't find the time to finish it without falling asleep.

I am hoping...

...that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) gets really really huge with her 4th pregnancy.  What??  Misery loves company :)

I am hearing...

...a co-worker counting cash, the printer, and students walking by outside.

Around the house...

...we put all of our Christmas decorations away this weekend, and while I love the decorations, I also just love the look and feel of a clean and clutter free home!

One of my favorite things... Eamon and Maggie tell me I'm the best mom EVER!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

~A snowstorm
~Order my blog book for 2010
~Send in my gym receipts to my health insurance company to get my $150 reimbursement for the year.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:
None because my really expensive nice camera is not working - argh!


  1. Hooray for no nausea! But really, you're gonna start making me feel bad for having been such a complete slacker in the exercise dept.!! :) I've been going in cycles with it during pregnancy. The comfy recliner always wins vs. exercising when I have the time :)

    I'm reading Motherless too!! I was so excited when Reed got it for me for Christmas. Did you read Fatherless? Thoroughly enjoying this installment as much as the first.

    I'm with you...all pregnant women should get big and uncomfortable. Although things started out smaller this time, I'm feeling the basketball around my middle more and more each week.

    Umm, by the way, when that camera is up and running I think several of us would enjoy seeing how 'big' that belly is truly getting. Yes, misery does love company. Either way, I'm betting you're as darling as ever.

    Happy Monday!

  2. I didn't watch any of that news about the AZ thing because its too sad. the whole thing. i feel bad for the shooter too and always wonder why it came to that and why didn't anyone in his life stop him etc...and if my children were shot I would not be able to speak for days or function.

    motherless sounds like a book I would like to read.

  3. LOL at your Posh comment :) Good luck with that - I was pregnant at the same time as Heidi Klum & when I was home in my fat clothes after having the baby, she was doing the VS fashion show - celebrities are from another planet :)

    Keep warm and comfy! Glad your morning sickness is past.

  4. LOL! You're right, misery does love company :) I haven't watch much on the Arizona shootings because it is too much for me. I'm guessing that sweet girl's parents are in a state of shock. I don't think I could say a word to anyone right after losing a child. I just can't even imagine.

  5. so glad you are feeling better. i think i am too. let's do better with the weight gain this month!

  6. The mom in AZ sounded like it hadn't really sunk in yet. I feel horrible for the family, but I've refused to watch anything else on it since they just keep replaying the little girl story. The others who died had stories too, but we haven't heard a thing about them so I know part of it is just for ratings.

  7. You keep talking about babies and it's giving me baby fever!!! Mine's not even 1 yet! I know I know - I'm a slacker ;)

    But seriously - very glad you're feeling better. I hope the job is treating you well!


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