Monday, May 23, 2011

Play Ball!

You can learn a lot from playing baseball. 

1) Patience.  There's nothing like trying to wait your turn in the dugout.  It requires a lot of patience for these little guys:

2) Being Alert.  John-Paul stands ready for action...just in case a ball actually makes it to first base:

3) Hand-Eye Coordination.  A great catch, just a little too late:

4) Patience again:

5) Reliance on Others.  If they get a run!

6) Overcoming Nerves.  When all eyes are on you to "bring it home":

7) How not to crash into an opposing teammate.  Especially if she's a girl:

8) What happens when you DON"T keep your eye on the ball...

...a swing and a miss.

9) What happens when you DO keep your eye on the ball...

Base Hit!

10) And of course, you learn cool chants like "John-Paul, John-Paul, Swing that Bat!  Give That Ball a Heart Attack!"

And I hope one day, they learn an appreciation for their parents who bring them out to all their practices and games, and for the little siblings who get dragged along yet are still their biggest cheerleaders :)


  1. i agree. we have learned a lot from baseball here.

  2. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    That's cute how he didn't want to run into the girl. =)


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