Friday, January 23, 2015

7QT: Hoops, a Hoop, and an Oops

Whew, what a week!  So glad it's Friday and we don't have much on our schedule for the weekend!


Eamon and Maggie started basketball a couple weeks ago, and I love watching them play on the same team.  Eamon is a super speedy ball hog and Maggie is a slow-motion ball passer.  They crack me up.




I was on the other night, researching weighted hula hoops after reading Andrea's success.  After six kids, no matter how much I work out and do ab work, I can't seem to whittle my waist back to pre-baby size, well, I'll gladly take after the 2nd baby size.  Let's not be crazy. 

 I yelled out to Phil:

Me: Hey, honey, think we should buy a hula hoop?
Phil: Yeah, the kids would like it.
Me: No, it would be for us, to add to our exercise routine.
Phil: I can't hula hoop.
Me: No, it's a weighted hula hoop and it says anyone can learn to hula hoop with it.
Phil: OK, how much is it?
Me: Well it's kind of expensive.
Phil: Like $20?
Me: Ummmmmm
Phil: Like $30?
Me: Uhhhhhh
Phil: Like $40?
Me: Yes!  Can I buy it?
Phil: Happy Valentine's Day.

So romantic, that one.


Me practicing with said hula hoop here. Why do I insist on making a fool out of myself?


The next day at work discussing how hairy our nostrils are getting with age.  

Phil: We should buy a nose hair trimmer.
Me: Happy Valentine's Day.


Speaking of hairy, I am getting my haircut and highlighted in a week!  I'm excited as I haven't colored my hair in years, but due to the arrival of my first gray strands, coloring will resume promptly.  I have tons of weird baby hairs growing in that are a few inches long since the Postpartum Hairloss of 2014, and they are driving me nuts, they just stick up!  I'm hoping my hairstylist can figure out a nice and easy cut and routine for me.  I wouldn't mind looking like Dwija or Jolie.


My awesome faux-daughter and my kid's babysitter extraordinaire left for her semester in Austria yesterday.  She is first visiting Ireland and then will head to Gaming, Austria through Franciscan University's study abroad program.  The same program where I met Phil 15 years ago today-ish.  Anyways, I sent her with a little Jesus toy we had in our house, and she named him TJ for Travel Jesus, and started an Instagram account to post photos of everywhere TJ and her go this semester.  You can follow her @traveljesus


Oh the Patriots.  

Why must everyone hate on them so much?  

Look at poor Tommy trying to prove his innocence:

I hope this all gets straightened out in time for purely pleasurable Superbowl watching.

And that's a wrap.  See more Quick Takers with Kelly.  

Have a great weekend everybody, see ya on the flip side!


  1. Trying to figure out to leave a snarky comment about your mad hula hooping skills or about your beloved Patriots cheating....again. hmmm. tough call. I'll think on it. ;) have a good weekend!!

  2. you are good with the hula hoop! i have the same problem with the belly area. i try to do situps but they are no fun. you will have to let me know if the hula hoop works.

  3. Casa Martin has love in the air! You two cuties will be stylin' with rockin' waistline and clear nostrils. Ah, true love....
    The basketball pics made me laugh and I totally would love to be watching those two playing basketball. What a hoot!
    First gray hairs. ha! Welcome to my 'holy crap I be getting old' club. I have been a hair coloring member at least 6 years. With my hair color being dark, it is beyond tough to hide those things. And when you have a tween daughter as your first-born, she is more than happy to point out when you need to color again. You know, in case I wasn't aware and self conscious enough.

    Happy Weekend! Enjoy the less busy schedule.

  4. IF the Pats were to win the Super Bowl then don't you think it will go down in the books that they cheated their way into the game?

  5. Dying to know how the hula hoop works out. Same issues here.


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