Friday, February 13, 2015

7QT: Valentines, Skinny Jeans, and PHILosophies


The kids get to celebrate Valentine's Day at school today by dressing down (no uniforms) and having class parties with tons of treats.  Last time they had class parties for Christmas, some of them overdid their sweets quotient and came home feeling very sick.  Today they were reminded about the importance of moderation and making healthy choices, but we shall see what they choose to do with that info!  It's tough being a kid in a candy shop!

That's a girl sandwich.


I told you about the pants that make you slimmer, now here's some awesome jeans I found that do the same.

Once again, they are from Kohls, and once again, if Kohl's wants to pay me to keep sponsoring them for free, I won't say no.  Here they are.


And now some PHILosophies for ya...

Upon finding out two of our priest friends watch Downton Abbey:

I watch it because I have a wife.  Sooooo, what's your excuse?

After he came back from running some errands:

Me: Did you return all those clothes to Old Navy?
Him: Yup.
Me: Was it embarrassing? (I HATE returning clothes)
Him: Nope, I just told them that my wife loves to shop online and then REALLY loves to have me return it all to the store.

AND my favorite...

On his frustrations with phase 2 of Natural Family Planning:

I could teach an NFP course in one sentence.  "When your wife wants to...don't, and when she doesn'"


Just because these peewee basketball players are so darn cute!


There is a Mexican restaurant near us that has these signs outside their bathroom doors.  I had to take a picture because I couldn't believe my eyes!

He's not so bad, just a man relieving himself in the desert.  But look at her...

What???  Is she sitting on a cactus?  ¡Ay, caramba!

Declan is like a real troublemaker now.  Still sweet, but getting into everything and we love it!!  
Babies = Boring but Toddlers = Terrific!


Last but not least, my poor sick little Xander is finally all better.  He was home from school for 3 days with a cough and fever and needed albuterol treatments because his oxygen levels were so low.  But he's a champ and back to his normal self!  

"Why do I always have to breathe the smoke?"

"Mom and Dad have belly buttons!  That's a potty word."

Have a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's weekend.  We'll be getting another huge snow storm, as usual!


  1. Haha! That is hysterical. I just sent Brian to work today with a bag of returns for Old Navy!! And, of course, I have to give him explicit directions on how to do it all… And Phil's NFP advice is pretty much exactly right.

  2. Man, that last PHILosophy, ain't it the truth!

  3. I'm so glad that Xander is feeling better!

    And I'm super curious about those jeans!

  4. The NFP Quote. So true!

  5. Oooooooohhhh! And I just so happen to have a 30% Kohls coupon in my hot little hands! Slimming jeans are what I need!

  6. I love the NFP in a sentence. Pretty much. and aw, poor little guy with the nebulizer. My little one has been on albuterol for over a week now too, with pneumonia as it turns out. :-(

  7. Phil's thoughts are perfect. And how we ended up with a third, "everytime YOU want to we do, now I want to and we are not gonna"- me... and....welcome to the world third son.

  8. I think you won Quick Takes this week. :)

  9. So much greatness in this list!
    Hope Xander is feeling better and better!
    Hope you all stay safe through the next storm!

  10. Such a sweet family! I love all your updates :)

  11. I love Phil's comment on NFP. He couldn't be more correct!

  12. LOL on Phil's NFP comment! My husband agrees 100%.

  13. So, you had me at the slimming jeans (btw, I did buy that other pair you suggested last time and like them). Then you lured me further with Declan and Xander (glad Mr. Xander is feeling better). Finally, you had me with the PHILosophies. He's a hoot! He'll give Mr. Gaffigan a run for his funny if he ever takes to the stage. I'm sure you and the kids give him plenty of material. lol.

    Happy Valentines day to you cuties over there! Hugs from MN where we don't have much snow but it's -7 degrees and the wind is howling. Boo :(

  14. Hello from Austria!! I miss you all and I hope you had a beautiful St. Valentine's day. I wish I was there to give you both a date! Please give all the kiddos my love, and don't worry... I'll eat plenty of Milka for you. ;) Love, Haley

  15. "...NFP course in one sentence. "When your wife wants to...don't, and when she doesn'"

    NO certificate, monitor, or tracking needed! From one guy to another, Phil is one funny guy.
    Our #4 is on the way, and my NFP saying is now, "If she initiates, time to set the labor date."

  16. This is great! And your kids couldn't be any cuter. So glad Xander is feeling better - what a ride. And I can't believe you guys keep getting hit with all this snow. Bill would crack up at Phil's philosophies!

  17. NFP! Yes! He nailed it!

  18. "When your wife wants to...don't, and when she doesn'" My husband just read that and said, "Yep. That's about right."

  19. Your hubby could have saved us a lot of time reading that NFP manual!!


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