Friday, September 10, 2021

7QT: The Difference Between


The difference between boys and girls can easily be seen in the letters some of my kids wrote to their big brother...


The difference between moms and dads can easily be found in the items I sent to JP in college after talking to him on the phone about how sore he is from working out a lot...

With love from Mom:

A heating pad and some magnesium with a note saying how much I miss him.

From Dad: 

A discussion on how sore he used to get when playing sports and working out but he never once used a heating pad or took magnesium and he turned out fine.


The difference a funny sign and fake plants can make to an empty office is incredible...


The difference between having smartphones in college versus back in the day when we did not means that I get to receive photos like this when I ask how the crazy dance was and how the cafe food is...


The difference in completing school paperwork for one kid versus seven is like...


The difference in our family's prayer life before our summer retreats at Catholic Familyland and life after means kids that ask to go do this...


The difference between an Phil and I on a Friday night looks like this...

Phil (extrovert):

Me (introvert):

And besides 5 soccer games, a few soccer practices and a piano lesson, we have no other plans for the weekend so YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

I hope you all have lots of fun or lots of quiet time this weekend, depending on your preference :)  Go see Kelly for more!


  1. Ugh, #5! I've got all 6 of my kids in school this year for the first time. I just filled out their emergency contact stuff by writing in all the information, photocopying it, and putting each kid's name at the top so I didn't have to copy everything 6 times.

    Some years I've asked everyone over the age of 12 or so fill out their own paperwork and leave it for me with Post-It notes marking the places I'm supposed to sign.

  2. The unplucked chicken! That makes me laugh! :) I hope you are having a great low-key weekend.

  3. Coach went to visit Eddie for Dad's weekend at his fraternity over the weekend. I was not sure I could stock enough Mike's Hard Lemonade to keep me going. Joking. I only drank one. The weekend had some rough spots. Long story - it's currently unfolding on my blog. But we survived. This coming weekend we drive to Omaha to visit Tank and looking forward to that.


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