Friday, September 20, 2019

Notes From the Week


My mom and I are going to see the new Downton Abbey movie tonight!  I am so excited!  I'll give a little review next week...hopefully....if I make it through this weekend.


Saturday just might kill us y'all.  We have Maggie's soccer game at 8:15 and Xander's piano lesson at 8:30.  Then JP has to get dropped off at the high school at 9:30 for his soccer game, and straight to Declan's soccer game at 10.  Andrew needs to be brought to the high school for his game at 11, JP needs to get picked up at noon, Andrew needs to get picked up at 1:30, and JP has to be dropped off to work at 1 and picked up at 6.  Phil and I also have a charity event to attend from 5-8 that evening.  We have to call in reinforcements (grandparents and Haley) to help us get everyone everywhere.  I'm glad Phil and I have the event that night so we can actually see each other on Saturday after passing each other on the road all day!


What would have made tomorrow's schedule easier would have been if JP had passed his license test yesterday.  But alas, he did not.  First test he ever failed.  Let's just say his parallel parking and wide turns needed some work, and Phil will be the sponsor for the next test because I was sweating the whole time in the backseat of the car.  My nerves can't handle this!  He'll be using that car magnet for a few more weeks - or maybe forever!

I attended a college financial aid night this week, and learned some great stuff for next year when we apply for ALL THE AID AND ALL THE SCHOLARSHIPS to whatever colleges JP hopes to attend.  Right now he is saying Franciscan University, but he still hasn't seriously started shopping around, so who knows?!  Did you know there are 12 colleges in the US right now that cost over $80,000 per year?  Holy moly!


The Keto-Before-My-Physical-Diet is going well.  By well, I mean that we don't follow the rules 100% but we are still losing weight.  By not following the rules, I mean that we eat Keto style every weekday, but also eat a small cup of ice cream at night.  

Ice cream Colleen, on a diet?!?!  

Yes, back when I had gestational diabetes and was constantly testing my blood sugar, it was always high in the morning unless I had some ice cream the night before.  It was my nutritionist who told me to eat it because it has the right mix of fat/protein/carbs to keep your blood sugar stable all night.  It also makes me sleep like a baby, so it's a habit I try to keep :)   On the weekends we totally cheat, because hello Saturday Faturday! and Sunday Funday! and who am I to argue with that logic?  We also Intermittent Fast (nothing to eat from about 8/9pm to noon) every day and workout about an hour a day, six days a week.  It's amazing how much hard work it takes to stay in pretty average/just ok shape in these middle ages!

Oh I don't know, I'm not that interesting...skip!

After school I'm off to buy 40 pounds of food to donate to our school's NHS fundraiser (the food goes to local homeless shelters).  Each NHS member has to bring in 40 pounds of food, and guess who didn't ask any sponsors or even the grocery store (where he works) for donations?  Well, I won't mention his name because he's had a tough week, but by god, I'm definitely in the throes of "wait until you have kids that act exactly like you do and then you'll see how much we did for you!" stage of life.  

And on that note, go have a fun weekend for me!


  1. My daughter just got her drivers license - but in the glorious state of Illinois one doesn't have to parallel park to pass! Most of the state has nice parking lots or wide roads to park on - so parallel parking isn't necessary. I don't think I could teach anyone to parallel park - I'm ready for the car to do that automatically for me. (When I tested in my youth, I put the car up on the curb a little but still passed. I think the examiner just wanted to go home and passed me out of pity.) You had to sit in the back seat? Here it's only the examiner and the student. I would never have survived the stress of sitting while she tested.
    I hope he gets it on the next try!

    1. I actually asked if I HAD to go in the car and she said yes. She also told me I couldn't talk, and I let out an "OH!" at one point when a car was going to hit us (not JP's fault) and she turned around to me and said "You're not allowed to instruct him!" She was not the nicest person we've ever met :( He wants to test in a different city next time and hopefully get a nicer examiner!


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